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B-Forc! Tipsters: Quick notes and suggestions for
 your college journey. Click the buttons to read the tips.

Road To College 

You must see where you want to be. All colleges are the same size on the internet and always post the best selfies...just like you do. 

Campus Tours, the ???'s

Always be ready to ask questions you can't find answers to on their website. 

Google Yourself 

Your social media presence can make or break you. Consider it always as your first impression. 

A Good Word!

Most colleges request/require one or more letters from teachers, high school counselors for sure and perhaps others (not family) who 

can shine a light on who you are. Seriously, consider who you will ask, because a great letter could get you on campus. 

The Money Cycle

Yes, there is a scholarship cycle. If you plan to pursue the scholarship money, you need to pay attention to the when most opportunities are available. Especially the big dollar ones.  

Your Summer Plans

If you are a college bound student your summer plans need to include some new experiences, that will prepare you for college, help you explore your aspiring college major and expose you to a few responsibilities you will need after graduation. 

What's Your Vision? 

This project can inspire your goals, an opportunity to paint or glue your dreams down, creating a colorful road map for your college journey. We even encourage our 

B-Forc! parents to create their own vision boards, so their student's can see what their parents are truly hoping and thinking about for their future. 

The Power of the Essay

Yes! your scholarship essay needs to have power to win the money. Super Powers are not required, but the power to understand grammar, the power of sentence structure, vocabulary, the power to follow the prompts and the creative power to captivate the reader will be required.

Understand the Deadlines

Seldom are application deadlines extended, so you need to make sure you recognize the date, time and method that identifies when your winning scholarship application is due or you are doomed to miss the money. 

Send Some Food

College food plans run out, or by mid-terms the cuisine is boring, tasteless and unsatisfying. Either way students are hungry and could use some real food from home or gift cards to go eat anywhere beyond the campus cafeteria, especially during mid-terms and finals.   

College D-Day: Next Steps

Every year during the first week of May, college bound high school seniors are proudly announcing their college choice, publicly pledging their allegiance to the college colors and mascot. Afterwards, it's time to get ready for the next steps before the big move. 

Your Scholarship Type

There are no limits in scholarship opportunities. Before you pursue, review and make sure you qualify. Because, like any good relationship you need to make sure you're  compatible...doable no problem...but your type, this is a requirement.

Campus Safety Apps to Add on Your Cell Phone

Getting ready for college is exciting. However, in today's society your student's safety should also be part of the plan. Campus safety and security for your student is sometimes overlooked as an important area of consideration and preparation. When you see the       B-Forc! College Safety Shield, we have found some news and tools you can use to B-Prepared! 

A Gap Year Is Not  A Slack Year

"The world is a book and those who do not travel, only read one page." Sometimes, high school students are uncertain about jumping into another academic environment. Understandable, they have been going to school for fourteen years if you count preschool. A Gap Year, is a wonderful academic interruption and opportunity for developing the adulting skills they will need for any college and/or life journey.  

The Lure: Fake Scholarships

When in doubt, we'll check it out. We post a lot of scholarship opportunities on our Facebook      B-Forc! Scholarship page, and have many times investigated scholarship opportunities that appeared unbelievable. Our goal is simple, we will not post scholarship pipedreams, only scholarship pipelines connecting you to real money. However, beware there are scholarship scammers pretending to offer winning opportunities too.